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Registration starts Tuesday, March 1 at 9am for seniors and juniors, Thursday, March 3 at 9am for sophomores and freshmen. Athletics registration starts Thursday, April 14 at 9am.

For more information, look on our website, mbxfoundation.org, under the summer school dropdown menu. For questions, please contact kathy@mbxfoundation.org

Here are the steps for online enrollment and what information you will need to complete it. 

  • Emergency contacts
  • Local physician name and phone number


1. Set up an email and password - remember these as you will need them for the step 2.

2. You will receive an email, (please be patient), to verify your email and then you can complete the online enrollment.  

Please complete only one online enrollment per student.

Use the grade level for Fall 2022

3. On the confirmation page, before you submit the application, please print the document for your records. DON'T FORGET TO HIT THE FINISH AND SUBMIT BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE

4. The application will be reviewed by the MBX staff,

The review and approval process can take up to 48 hours. Your patience is appreciated.

5. Once the application is reviewed,, you will receive an email WITH A VERIFICATION CODE to purchase summer school courses, which will be prior to your course purchase date listed below. Aeries works best with the Google Chrome Browser.

Tuesday, March 1 - 9am - Seniors and Juniors

Thursday, March 3 - 9am - Sophomores and Freshmen

Thursday, April 14 - 9am - Athletics and Activities

To get started, click the blue Enroll A New Student button below.